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Mobile IV Hydration

We Come To Your Home, Office, or Hotel

Time is a valuable resource. Why waste it feeling sick or waiting to recover? Our quick IV treatments offer everything from jet lag to exercise dehydration and we provide them right in the comfort of your home, office or hotel. When you need rapid relief, we're just a call or text away. 

An IV drip is a safe and effective way to get the vitamins, minerals and medications you need for a quick recovery. Intravenous delivery facilitates rapid absorption and re-hydration making it ideal for treating those lingering ailments you want to end as soon as possible. Our in-home IV drips cost $197 -$279, which includes all travel fees. Our medical professionals can recommend an IV that's right for you based on symptoms. 

IV Drips

We carefully formulate IV vitamin therapies that help maximize your overall health and wellness. So whether you are looking to improve energy, boost your immune system through the flu season or are looking for a supplement to other therapies, Romya IV therapy is the answer. 

Group of Runners

Bounce Back - $279

( Vitamin B complex + Vit C+ Amino blend+Minerals+Glutathione push )- Provides the building blocks to train, perform, recover and repeat.

Couple in Raincoats

Simply Myers - $269

( Vitamin B complex + Vit C+ Magnesium+ Vitamin B12+Calcium)- The GOLD STANDARD for overall wellness. Restores balance, alleviates chronic illness symptoms, improves energy, and more.

Young Women

Fountain of Youth - $279

( Vitamin B complex + Vit C+Biotin+ Glutathione push )- Promoting the health of your nails, hair and skin inside out. Looks and feel your best while you detox.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

First time drip - $197

New to IV hydration? Choose any drip of your choice at this introductory rate.

Stressed Woman

Picker Upper - $229

( Vitamin B complex + amino blend)- helps to combat fatigue, stress, boosts your metabolism and is energizing.

Image by Brittany Colette

Vitammune - $229

( Vitamin B complex+ Vit C+Zinc) - Immunity booster to help protect from common ailments and recover from sickness.

Water Drops





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