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Benefits of IV therapy

There are lots of benefits to IV therapy that you simply can’t get from other nutritional supplements. Even if you’re eating a nutrient-rich diet and using supplements, the digestive process makes it impossible to enjoy the full benefits of those nutrients. You could be absorbing as little as 10%! Our IV therapies and IM Quick Shots allow you to bypass digestion by putting nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The outcome is a quick and effective boost with results you can feel right away.

During IV therapy, your nurse will insert a needle into a vein in your arm. A catheter connects the needle to an IV drip bag containing the type of fluid you select when scheduling the appointment. Most IV bags contain saline and a mixture of vitamins and minerals tailored to your needs, including  vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and various minerals. Dripping the fluid directly into your bloodstream allows it to bypass the liver’s metabolic process, so the medication takes effect sooner. We use fine needles for smooth insertion and maximum comfort. 

Different drips work specifically and can alleviate symptoms of dehydration, stress, fatigue, food poisoning, jet lag and colds.​ They boost the immune system to help you avoid illness and recover faster. You can rehydrate your body and energize your cells quickly after strenuous exercise. They promote the health of hair, skin and nails making you feel and look your best while you detox.


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